Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mom and Dad came to Africa...

What a visit. Before Mom and Dad left, I quizzed them, the kids, and Rand on what their favourite memories were so that I could write a good blog post. It was great hearing all of their memories and reliving what a great time we had. They have been gone for not even a week -- we are slowly getting back into the routine of school and work, but we still miss them. I haven't written anything yet... like all of you, we get bogged down in the details of life and school and work (budget planning time for MCC!). My parents sent out an email to a bunch of their friends, and I decided that I should just use their email summary -- see below. I'll just add one story that sums up their attitude for the whole time they were here:

We were on the way to an isolated village where two of our service workers live, Najile, Kajiado County West. It's not far (distance-wise) but a world away from Nairobi, through the bush of the Rift Valley. We had been bumping along, all crammed in our truck for about two hours when Sam asks, "How much longer do we have?" Before I could provide a soothing parental answer, my dad calls out, "Who cares? This is GREAT!"

Mom and Dad's note to friends:
"We are safely home (since January 18th) from our adventure in Kenya; thank you for all your prayers while we were there!  I thought we'd just finish our account of activities there and attach a few pictures.
We toured several parks where we saw lions, hippos, rhinos, warthogs, giraffes, monkeys, lots of pretty birds, elands, gazelles and African buffaloes.. up pretty close.  I've not sent those pictures because you know what they look like.  Zebras are seen along the roadside like cows in the US - no big deal about them!
Nairobi is a very modern city, but I attached a picture of a more "slum" area.  Other pictures (in no particular order) are of the Rosslyn  Academy where the kids go to school, a Maasai woman with Selena and Reid (she's one of 3 wives).  There is one of us being presented jewellery by the Maasai family we dined with, all of us at our "banda" (camping cabin) and another of us at Hell's Gate Cave, another of us at Karen (the "Out of Africa" estate near Nairobi).
We visited a Giraffe Park (hence the two pictures...note my "kissing" the Giraffe)!  We went to a baby elephant orphanage and adopted "Suswa" for grandson Pierce.  Their keepers are with them 24 hours - sleep with them, as well.
We visited a tea plantation, several mission sites where Rand and Selena have projects...orphanages, schools, community projects, etc.  Highlight for us was meeting so many interesting people from all over who are in Kenya on some sort of mission. 
Kenyans are warm, very religious people, (who drive like maniacs).  There are armed guards everywhere - everything is behind gates (beautiful ones, too).  Sam & Reid are adapting well and Rand and Selena love their job.  They have a really nice apartment in the city with most conveniences.  We had a wonderful time with them (didn't seem to overstay!) and are so thankful for the privilege we had of going."







  1. What a delightful account of your special family-shared visit. It is wonderful to see all members of the family looking so good . . . and enjoying the many varied experiences of working, living, and loving in that part of the world. But . . . we miss you still. From Rosalyn Ramage aka Ms. Rose

    1. Thank you, Ms. Rose! The kids miss GBC so much. Please give yourself a hug from all of us.

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